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I’ve taken a couple of weeks off, but I’m back! What pushed me to write? I’m glad you asked! One of my favorite artists, Atemi, just released a single off her upcoming album. I admit that I get sneak peeks of these songs before they go live so I’m always excited when the rest of the world gets to hear them.

So here it is. Take a few minutes to listen to it and dance around your living room. Go ahead. I’ll wait for you…

Fun, huh? Even if you have no idea what she’s saying, its a song that you can get in to. For my non-swahili speaking friends, the song is about a girl who’s in love with a guy that her friends and haters, don’t approve of.  They say he’s too poor, he’ll forget her, they’ll never last, etc. She tells him not to worry (Usijali), the two of them will make it.  He responds in the same vein. Think of it as a Malaika for the modern age with a little more soul and pep.  This is somewhat approp since the original version (of Malaika) was first performed by another Kenyan artist, Fadhili Williams. History lesson aside, its a fun song.

Now, in real life, the guy your friends tell you is a user who’s out to get your money and leave you, usually is.  9 times out of 10 you should absolutely listen to your friends.  But every now again, just often enough to keep us all believing in romance, the broke, seemingly wrong guy really is Mr. Right.  Love is after all about more than a financial arrangement where benefits are exchanged for affection… and you think that’s all it is, I have a whole other post for you!

So for a little bit, put aside your cynical relationship goggles and enjoy our young idealistic lovers as they assure each other its just the two of them against the world.  In a couple of days you’ll hear a story that confirms every cynical thought you’ve ever had about how shallow relationships are, and how every man on this earth is a dog (sorry guys), but that’s then. Enjoy the now and share this song with a friend!

(In full disclosure, I have to admit that Atemi is one of my favorite artists not only because she’s an excellent vocalist, but she’s also my sister.)